Harvey Ward

For Gainesville Mayor

Hi, my name is Harvey Ward, and I’m running for mayor of Gainesville.

I’ve been a city commissioner since 2017, and I’ve lived here in Gainesville all my life. My wife Gillian and I are raising our three daughters here. I’ve done a lot of listening and learning in our community.

Connect, Commit, Create.

I see a city where we Connect to each other and to the world around us, where we Commit to safe streets and clean, reliable energy and where we work together to Create peace of mind for every person, every working family who calls Gainesville home.

As a commissioner I fought for free RTS fares for our seniors and youth.  As mayor I will fight for more, and more- flexible RTS routes that are free for all users.

 As a commissioner I fought to conserve hundreds of acres of forest as public land.  As mayor I will fight to create a Sweetwater Branch Greenway and to make Boulware Springs the jewel our  neighbors deserve.

As a commissioner I fought to build better streets.  As mayor I will fight to end pedestrian and cyclist deaths in our city.

As a commissioner I fought to commit our city to 100% renewable energy by 2045.  As mayor I will fight to turn that promise into a reality that we can actually afford.


Working families across our city all want the same things: A decent home we can afford. A safe, healthy environment where our children can learn and thrive. An honest wage for honest work. Peace of mind. That’s my vision for our city. 

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